Ritter Foods, LLC

Since 1922

Distributing Poultry, Meat, and Provisions to the Mid-Atlantic region

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SQF 3 Certified

Ritter Foods, LLC is an SQF 3 Certified Facility


Distributing Since 1922

Ritter Foods, LLC has been distributing poultry to the Mid-Atlantic region since 1922. Through our 95 years of history, our family-owned business has grown to distribute pork, beef, and provisions, as well as sandwich steaks we manufacture at our SQF3 certified facility.

Both Fresh and Frozen meats are available from our facility.


A Traditional American Farm…

When you picture yourself a traditional American farm in it classic, idyllic perception, this is what the Latify farm actually looks like!

Charming nature that surrounds all of our farming facilities haunts our farm guests and inspires and refreshes them.

All in all, we simply love growing food and taking care of our cattle, all seasons, any season long!

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What We Do

All major poultry brands are available from Charles Ritter Inc both in fresh and frozen. See a listing of our chicken and turkey items and contact us for availability and...
Charles Ritter Inc. offers boxed beef of all cuts from top brands. Available both fresh and frozen, we offer a wide selection to cover your needs.
Various cuts of pork from major manufactures are available both fresh and frozen. We carry boxed pork cuts, packaged pork products, and hams.
Deli Meats, Cheeses, Oils, Condiments, and a wide selection of products used at restaurants, sandwich shops, delis and other similar locations are available.
Sandwich Steak
Charles Ritter Inc. is a manufacturer of pre-portioned sandwich steaks for use in making cheesesteaks. We offer a selection of Beef, Chicken, and Sausage sandwich steaks portions available at different...
In addition to fresh poultry, pork, beef, and provisions, Charles Ritter Inc. carries a full line of frozen meat options as well as complementary items such as french fries and...